††† ††† Grand Knightís Column

Everyone rest up and enjoy the rest of the summer. We have much to do in September and October. Especially noteworthy is the pig roast Saturday, September 29th. We havenít done a pig roast in awhile, Iím sure this will sell out. Tim Pope and
friends are playing. Proceeds to benefit Momís and Momís to be. Only 100 tickets will be sold.

IT IS FINISHED!!! Your council wanted to do something for the Knights of Columbus Field at Elyria Catholic. Next month I will give a full report. The bleachers look great and the staff at E.C. is very appreciative. I think we surprised them. Some
people have suggested we should go into the painting business!!!!!!! Iím sure Matt St. Marie will let everyone at the football games know who painted the bleachers.

This past month our Elyria Community had a house fire and a child was lost. Elyria Council 774 put out a petition and we raised $700.00. How grateful and proud I am of all our members.

We will have a first degree on August 9th. Please let us know if you have a new member to nominate.

We are still searching for a community project.

ďThank you God for everythingĒ

VIVAT JESUS. Jack Giovannazzo , Grand Knight


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